EMINENT paints sprays are often used for spraying of heavy materials, primers, basecoats and industrial coatings.The EMINENT paint sprays are available in various nozzle openings, an upper cup and bottom cup of professional and high worthy quality.

EMINENT E33 HTE Top Cup Paint Spray Gun is a new generation of top cup spray gun and the successor of the E13 and E14 outdated EMINENT spray. This EMINENT E33 HTE paint spray gun delivers an unprecedented high efficiency and is suitable for all common paints and primers.


This paint sprayer is VOC / WMS certified.
Unprecedented paint transfer, thus saving paint and the environment.
Meets all European and Dutch legislation to reduce emissions of volatile substances.
Low air consumption, which is very energy efficient.
The gun body weighs only 540 grams and the trigger pull is as much as 20% reduced both to prevent RSI.
Suitable for processing High Solids, Ultra High Solids and water-based paints fluid needle and nozzle are made of high quality stainless steel.
Liquid seals are manufactured from PTFE (Teflon).
The entire gun body is equipped with a Teflon coating for easier cleaning.
The 600cc Akulon polyethylene cup is provided with a non-drip aeration.